Reman? It all starts with a perfect look.

Repaired, refurbished, rebuilt, all seems like to be the same, yet there could be worlds of difference between each and every product.

A nice look doesn't guarantee full functionality and a dirty part could be just as good as a new one.

However most of the case it is indeed a good point to start with a visual check.

A perfect looking remanufactured part is the "signature" of the workshop. It tells a story. A story about the professionalism and the mentality of the management and each and every employee involved. A level that is impossible to reach without proper cleaning machines and technology.

A company philosophy embodied in a single spare part. It tells more than 1000 words.

Look is not everything. It is the mere beginning. After all what can you expect from a product with poor visual look?

Some examples of how we think about this issue.



Pneumatic Valves Reman    Pneumatic valve test bench

Pneumatic Brake valvePneumatic Brake valveReman electropneumatic valve

REMAN AIRBRAKE COMPRESSORS Compressor RemanufacturingCompressor RemanufacturingCompressor RemanufacturingCompressor RemanufacturingCompressor RemanufacturingCompressor Remanufacturing


Airbrake calipers   Remanufactured brake calipers 

Remanufactured brake caliperRemanufactured brake caliperRemanufactured brake caliperRemanufactured brake caliperRemanufactured brake caliper

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